Resource World

Access Resource World: /resource

Welcome to the Resource World, a monthly reset realm designed to preserve the integrity of the main overworld in your gameplay experience. In this unique realm, you'll find a bountiful environment rich in resources, waiting to be discovered and gathered.

With the goal of minimizing destruction to the main world, several rules are in place to ensure a fair and balanced resource-gathering experience. Firstly, claiming land or creating bases for long-term habitation is strictly prohibited within the Resource World. This encourages players to utilize the realm solely for resource gathering purposes, preventing excessive modifications and preserving the natural landscape.

Additionally, player warps cannot be created within the Resource World, further emphasizing its role as a temporary gathering hub. However, to provide convenience and ease of exploration, the usage of random teleportation is allowed. You can quickly traverse the realm, discovering resource-rich areas and maximizing your gathering efficiency.

To return to the main world, simply use the "/h" or "/spawn" commands, transporting yourself back to the familiar surroundings of your home base. This seamless transition enables you to utilize the collected resources effectively for building and crafting projects without disrupting the balance of the main overworld.

Embrace the benefits of the Resource World, where every month brings a fresh start, an abundance of resources, and a sustainable approach to gathering materials. Happy mining and crafting!

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