Player Warps

Player Commands


/pw help

Displays this menu.

/pw <warp>

Teleports to the player warp.

/pw set <name>

Sets a warp to your location.

/pw remove <warp>

Removes the warp.

/pw desc set/remove <warp> <desc>

Manage warp descriptions.

/pw list [page] [player]

Lists all the current player warps.

/pw open [menu] [option]

Opens the player menu.

/pw amount [player]

Check how much warps you have.

/pw icon <set/remove> <warp>

Hold item in hand to set as icon

/pw category <warp> <category>

Set a warp category.

/pw rate <warp>

Rate a warp.

/pw lock <warp> [true/false]

Lock a warp.

/pw arp cost set/remove <warp> <cost>

Manage Warp costs.

/pw reset <warp>

Re-set a warps location.

/pw rename <warp> <name>

Rename a warp.

/pw setowner <warp> <player>

Transfer a warp's ownership

/pw password set/remove <warp> <password>

Manage warp passwords.

/pw whitelist set/remove/list <warp> <player>

Manage warp whitelist.

/pw ban set/remove/list <warp> <player>

Manage warp banning.

/pw favourite <warp> [player]

Add a warp to your favourites.

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