Mob Spawning

In our world, mob spawning is carefully regulated to maintain a balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience. We have implemented a unique system to control mob despawning and spawning distances.

Firstly, we have a Hard Despawn range set at 56 blocks. This means that any despawnable mob, such as zombies or skeletons, will instantly despawn once they move beyond this distance. This measure helps keep the server optimized and prevents unnecessary mob entities from lingering in remote areas.

Secondly, we have a Soft Despawn range set at 30 blocks. Within this range, despawnable mobs have a chance to randomly start despawning. This ensures that mobs that wander far from their spawning point have a chance to be removed from the world, maintaining a more dynamic and realistic environment.

When it comes to setting up Mob Farms, it's important to consider the despawn ranges. We recommend placing your AFK spot at no more than 56 blocks above the kill chamber. By doing this, you ensure that mobs spawned in the farm won't instantly despawn before they can be killed, and you'll be able to collect their drops efficiently.

For those using Mob Spawners, it's important to be within 16 blocks of the spawner for it to activate. You can easily check if the spawner is working correctly by crouching and right-clicking it. This will display the spawning requirements and indicate if the spawner is in proper working order.

By following these guidelines, we hope to create a vibrant and challenging world for all players on the Sateda Server. Happy hunting and crafting!

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